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About ShelfUs

What Is ShelfUs?

ShelfUs is a personal item organizer which objective is helping the user with the task of storing his personal items. The integration with Google Books, as well as many other external services, make it a very simple, fast and pleasant task. It has an in-built social network that allows you sharing your items with other users or friends. It also can track and monitor a list of loans so that you can know where and with whom your items are. Thanks to the inovative barcode search mechanism it is possible, with a single touch in a smartphone, to obtain all the informations about a specific item or verifying the existence of that same item in a friend's library.

Why ShelfUs?

This platform will give the users an unique experience, allowing them to use the system more often, due to its simple behavior and a powerful information sharing spirit. This spirit will bring great advantages to all system users. Therefore, an integrated system that is capable of articulate all the information and features of a wide and incomplete universe of personal organization applications, along with a high number of users who look for these tools, will fill this growing need in our everyday life.

Who are We?

ShelfUs was created by a group of 5 students in Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto , at Laboratório de Desenvolvimento de Software of the course Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática e Computação.
  • Francisca Teixeira
  • João Carlos Carvalho
  • José Pedro Silva
  • Pedro Simeão Carvalho
  • Ricardo Cunha
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