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Getting Started

Register and Login

Start using ShelfUs is pretty quick and practical. It only takes two steps:
Register only takes 4 Fields
Login with your credencials

View, edit and delete your Profile

It's possible to see, edit and delete the user's profile, upload an image or use one from Gravatar
The user's profile

See what your friends have

In your 'Home' it is shown the most important items that belong to your friends
You can navigate through Categories

Add Items to your Library

It's possible to use several external API's, such as Google Books, lastFM and RottenTomatoes, to add the items
You can add items

View, edit and add Items to Circles

It's possible to see, edit and add/delete an item to a circle of friends
You choose which items you want to share and with whom

Add, accept and import Friends

Add, accept and import your contacts from Gmail with one simple click
See all the friends connected to you
Send invitations by email
Receive invitations
Import friends from your Gmail contacts
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